Do I know my ‘home’?

Each creative process rewards the artist with questions. For me, the artistic residency at Jiwar has kicked off  with the question ‘Do I know my home?’ My Project ‘Performing Home’ includes the participation of displaced artists. It engages with artists that were persecuted back in their countries for political, ethnical, religious or sexual orientation reasons and that currently live in… Continue reading Do I know my ‘home’?

Projectes seleccionats – Selected projects

ISRAEL DE LA PAZ (Mèxic): Made in home (Fet a casa, Hecho en casa). A series of printmaking workshops designed to gather an almanac of symbols that describes participants’ personal meaning of home. DEEMA SHAHIN (Palestina-Jordània): Home is where Mom is (La llar és on és la Mama, El Hogar es donde está Mamá). As… Continue reading Projectes seleccionats – Selected projects

Edicions passades – Past editions

Construint veïnatges i Jiwar han crescut gràcies a les aportacions de projectes que val la pena conèixer: Making neighbourhood and Jiwar have grown thanks to the projects’ contribution that are worth knowing: Projectes seleccionats – selected projects 2013 Sydelle Willow Smith Thomas Strickland Andrei Farcasanu Projectes seleccionats – selected projects 2014 Deirdre O’Mahony Will Weldon… Continue reading Edicions passades – Past editions