Last Thursday (10 December) there was a presentation of third edition of “Making neiborhood project” at l’Espai Avinyó. This year’s topic is HOME and an international group of artists were reflecting on it and trying to involve local community to their reflection.

Artists were presenting their projects and talking about their work, showing examples and sharing their reflections. The first one was Esther Belvis working with refugee artists, now based in Barcelona. She tried to find places or objects that remind them home. She was meeting with them in different places and collecting things that have a strong connection with home for them.

Deema Shahin was talking about mothers and their personal dreams, as her project is based on Mothers. “Home is where Mom is”, so she tried to get know dreams of women taking part in her project and make them come true by possible means.

Israel de la Paz showed examples of prints made during his numerous workshops in Barcelona, where participants printed things connected with home for them.

After the presentation was an interesting debate on topic of home. International audience provoked enriching discussion on topic due to the fact that some of them are out of their homelands and “What does it means HOME” is an urgent reflection for them.

Next Tuesday ( 22nd December) we invite you to final exhibition of the project which will be at Oficina d’Atenció al Ciutadà, in the Gràcia district (plaça de la Vila 2)








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