Patterns as homes

Don’t we all run in circles sometimes and do things the same way we’re used to doing? How comfortable are patterns? Familiar? Israel De La Paz showed the resident artists in JIWAR how to print…building the stamp and then…there were no limits really…I went back to 5 years old all over again…sunken in my own worlds and thoughts…thinking of Israel’s questions. What do you like the most about home? The first visual that comes to mind? What do you dislike the most about home?

Home has never been a piece of land or a venue for me as much as it’s a person, or a group of people, family, friends, lovers, crushes, smells of a period, food, coffee, tea with mint, a shy sun ray  in the afternoon with a stinging breeze that pretends to get along with the warmth the sun is imposing..the shadow of the trees outside the window on the couch…Home is a breed of a feather and a tree leaf…a certain lightness

Deema Shahin

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