Something in Barcelona necessitates familiarity, it doesn’t feel like my first visit, although it is. The bed side table in the residence is a replica of the one I have in Jordan, my first resembling encounter to items that give a hint of what HOME could be. Thanks to globalization!  The second incident was about a cat. There’s always a cat in the story. Just like Haruki Murakami. I saw this beautiful Scottish breed in front of a shop and I wanted to lean in to take a picture and she takes off like an arrow in my direction both intimate and aggressive, like meeting an old love, and only to stop right next to me. That left me puzzled. The cat didn’t quite understand what I said. I should work on my Catalan.

Something else that language didn’t stop was food. With ingredients very available in the environment of Gracia-healthy, organic and many other options- cooking and eating was needed to survive of course and to open up, meet and like new people. We call it in Arabic يصير بيننا عيش وملح, which literally translates to “To have bread and salt together”.

Slowly getting to know the ground, ways and streets to speak with people more, day in day out.

Deema Shahin


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