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Making neighbourhood is a Jiwar project started in 2013.  As part of the agreement with the Africa Centre Foundation, Jiwar selected then as invited resident the South African artist Sydelle Willow Smith and her project “Making neighbourhood”. Sydelle gave permission to transform its initial proposal, under the auspices of Jiwar, into a coral project where 4 artists would work on their own “Making neighborhood” projects. Since then, and already for the third consecutive year, the selected projects reflect from their own perspective, discipline and personality, on ways of being and living in a city. It is an ongoing dialogue and exploration of the philosophy of the neighbourhood, understood as a privileged and needed space only possible through equals’ interaction.

In this third edition the theme that shakes us is Home, reminiscent of multiple and varied myths, experiences and feelings. Inclusion and exclusion, security and fear, national and foreign, home works as symbolic space and social area which can at the same time have a great geopolitical weight. Home is at the same time something material and transient and it changes along national borders, cultural formations, and social processes. Home is a deeply established presence and, however, the migration of people and ideas affect it and make it change. There is no simple definition for HOME, CASA, LLAR. With this project, and always from the neighbourhood’s perspective, the selected artists will  inquire creatively into the complexity of the concept and their experience.


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